Ah-oh! – Teletubbies enter the crypto market

Ah-oh! – Teletubbies enter the crypto market

The popular children’s show picks up the Bitcoin theme just in time for 1 April, but what’s behind it?

The Teletubbies are apparently the next big-name celebrities to take a liking to Bitcoin. Is this further evidence that Wealth Matrix cryptocurrencies have now entered the mainstream, or is this just an early April Fool’s joke?

Yesterday, Wednesday, the marketing department of the British children’s show sent out a tweet containing the hashtag #Bitcoin. It also raises the question of what the Teletubbies are hiding from their viewers. This in turn refers to the attached image, which shows a colourful circular shape emblazoned with a large question mark.

Eh-Oh…what could the Teletubbies possibly be hiding from us? Stay tuned for something BIG this week. #Bitcoin pic.twitter.com/fJ2NBXsENx
– Teletubbies (@TeletubbiesHQ) March 31, 2021

It is questionable whether the young target group

In addition, the two characters Tinky Winky and Po have bright red eyes, which is often used as a stylistic device in the crypto community to symbolise a particularly strong belief in Bitcoin. However, it is questionable whether the young target group of the children’s programme is receptive to this context of meaning.

Although there are now also very, very young crypto advocates, a possible April Fool’s joke is likely to remain hidden from most children. However, crypto users are already having fun with the tweet, and are considering a market entry for the Teletubbies. For example, one user is re-phrasing the names of the protagonists:

Buy the Dipsy
Laa Laa
Poor https://t.co/wwPIM0Ikli
– Cred (@CryptoCred) March 31, 2021

Let’s hope that the outing of the popular series characters doesn’t go accordingly, because after Tinky-Winky organises the original purchase of cryptocurrencies via the stablecoin Tether, Dipsy would buy the Dip in the hope of gaining, but this only works so Laa-Laa, whereupon the gang of four is left “Po(or)”, i.e. poor.

The Teletubbies’ tweet, dated 31 March, is not only timely for an April Fool’s joke, but also commemorates the anniversary of the children’s show, which celebrated its 24th anniversary yesterday. Joke or not, the fact that the basic workings of cryptocurrencies are literally child’s play to understand was most recently proven on Twitter by a girl explaining the scarcity of Bitcoin (BTC). So even the youngest ones can get excited about crypto, which is why Tesla CEO Elon Musk is already taking precautions and making his 10-month-old son the youngest investor in Dogecoin (DOGE).

“If the Teletubbies teach our kids Bitcoin now, then the banks are really screwed,” as one crypto user sums up in view of the Tubbie tweet.

If the children’s show does indeed inspire the next generation but one of crypto investors, the traditional financial system may finally have to say “time for Tubby wink wink”.